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Netent Computers provides the following services:
Workshop Services
Virus Scan & Removal
Your computer will be scaned multiple times for any virus and
is cleaned if any are found.  If the client does not have an Anti-
Virus installed on the computer then a free Avast will be
We backup clients data onto our private & secure Fileserver. 
Data is stored for 3 years before it is deleted.  We backup
only the clients data files such as documents and pictures.
Data Recovery
Data Recovery is used when a hard drive failed or if data was
deleted accidently or by a virus.
Data Recovery can take from 3 hours - 3 Days, depending on
the amount of data on the hard drive.
Email Setup
We will setup your Email (Outlook, Thunderbird or any other
Email software.
To setup a Mail Account in Outlook or any other Email
software the client must have an existing Email Account.
If the client uses a 3G dongle then it is recommended to bring
the device in as well, to help setup the Mail Account
Operating System Repair
Windows may ONLY be installed and activated on a computer
that has a original windows key.
Please keep in mind that some laptops will not have all of its
drivers or updates if a different windows is installed.  For
example if the laptop came out with a Windows 7 OS there is
a high possibility that Windows Vista or Windows XP wont
work properly.
Updates & Drivers
All the Updates and Drivers are downloaded and installed.
onto the client's computer.
Updates abd Drivers can take from 1 hour to 2 days,
depending on internet speed and popularity of the hardware
that is installed.
Software Installations
Our technicians may ONLY install software if the disc and
original software key is given.
Please keep in mand that we did NOT create the software, we
can install the software but if the software is a uncommon
product then there is a change that the technician may not
successfully setup/configure the software settings.
Hardware Rebuilding
We do NOT rebuild broken hardware. We only replace them
with newly bought or replaced hardware.
Hardware Rebuild ranges from Motherboards to Network
extension. If old hardware needs to be replaced then we will
remove the old hardware and replaced with new hardware, we
will test and install all necessary drivers and updates before
returning the computer to the client. Please kept in mind that
we ONLY replace old hardware after consulting with the client
about all his/her options.
Internet Setup
We can test if the device is working properly or not. If the
clients having problems making the device work on their
computer/laptop then the technicians will need the
computer/laptop to setup/configure the device
Our technicians/salesman may consult with the client about
any of our products and software. Informing the client about
the latest hardware, software and prices.
Consultation on broken/damaged computer hardware that may
be installed on the clients computer, and what the solution
can be to fix the problem. The hardware will either be replaced
or be sent in to the suppliers for repairs/replacements.
Please keep in mind that after hardware is sent in to the
suppliers, we have no control over how long it will take. But
the technicians will keep the client informed on the latest
news from the suppliers.
Call Out Services
Email Setup
We mainly focus on Outlook, Outlook Express and
We will setup and configure everything for the client.  We need
all the detail of all the mail accounts the client want to setup.
File Sharing Setup
We will do all the neccessaty file sharing on the client's
network and do the appropriate access control.
Priner Setup
We will do the neccessary printer setup on the clients
Remote Login Support
This service is done on special request or time saving repairs.
When the client needs urgent help and no technician is
avialable to do the call out, then then a request is done for
remote login to the client.
Please keep in mind that the client must be on Netent
Computer's database before the client may be helped.
Computer Repair
Mostly we recommend that the client should bring in their
We will only do basic repairs, otherwise the technician will do
as much as he can.  Please keep in mand that the longer the
technician is repairing the computer, the higher the cost will
be.  That is why we recommend the client bring their hardware
to the shop.
Stock Transport
After payment has been confirmed, we will deliver the item(s)
to the clients location within a 20km radius of the netent
Computers shop.