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Computer Systems
New Computer Systems
We provide new computer systems using the latest technology and include the full manufacturer warrenty.. we assemble our computers in our office using components we individually select from the best manufacturers at the best price.  We provide new system units either with Windows sofrware installed or your Windows software.

We design our desktop computers to be simple to service, easy to upgrade and reliable to own.  we avoid overly complex, hard to repair and focus on selecting reliable, high quality parts instead.  Our desktop computers use all standard parts instead of proprietary or unique parts.  Using industry standard parts makes the computer less expensive to repair and upgrade.

We assemble and test our computers from parts we select  This allow us to choose componants with better features and longer warrenties that pre-built systems offer.  We maintain a fixed price and continually upgrade the computers we offer to reflect the market availability of new technology.

Custom Computers
A custom computer system is a unique way to get that computer you have always wanted.  Don't limit yourself to the "one size fits all' approach from PC manufacturers.

With a custom computer you can customize the entire system to your preference and choose the componants and accessories that you are looking for.

Laptops & Other Hardware
Looking for a laptop but not sure where to start?  What is the right unit for your needs?  Let us do the research and recommend a unit for you!

We will find you a laptop specific for your needs and set you up with all the software and accessories you need.  We take care of it all!

We can also recommend computer componants, accessories, cables, adapters, etc.  Our goal is to be your full computer sales and service provider.